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Overriding Resources Work in progress

Table of contents


SDK resources can be overridden by the hosting app, by defining a resource with the same id on the hosting Apps resources.

Basically all SDK resources can be overridden, but we don't encurage doing so.
UI component changes better be applied using ChatUIProvider.

The SDKs resources

Following are some of the SDKs resources that can be overidden.

Resources list may be changed from time to time.

  • Live Forms related:

    • form_field_hint
    • form_field_text
    • form_field_main_text
    • form_field_sub_text
    • form_field_available
    • form_field_unavailable
    • form_field_background
    • form_rating_field_background
    • form_selection_dropdown_background
    • form_selection_dropdown_title_background
    • submit_idle - The submit button’s idle color
    • submit_pressed - The submit button’s pressed color
  • Live Forms related:

    • FormHintTextAppearance - override in order to change the form field hint appearance
    • MatchSpinnerStyle
    • MatchSpinnerTheme
  • Live Forms related:

    • form_bg
    • submit_button_selector
    • submit_button_idle - The Idle submit button’s background shape
    • main_button_pressed - The Pressed submit button’s background shape
  • Live Forms related:

    • form_main_text_style
    • form_sub_text_style
    • form_option_item_padding
    • form_field_padding
    • form_fields_gap