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Chat Entities and Personal information Work in progress

Table of contents


Entities enable turning data into smart chatbot conversations. Entities essentially serve as a database for the information that the bot needs to answer users questions.
The SDK provides the bridge to pass this data to the Chatbot on chat start and while processing responses to user queries.

Entities may be configured as initialization entities or missing entities and personal information.

Initialization entities

Entities values that can be provided for the entire chat session and are not changed dynamically (e.g., ids, keys, etc).

How To use

  1. Create the initialization entities map

    val entities = mapOf("EntityKey1" to "EntityValue1", "EntityKey2" to "EntityValue2", ... )
  2. Set the initialization entities on the account

    val account = BotAccount(...).apply {
                              initializationEntities = entities
  • Note: The initialization entities can be also supplied at the AccountInfoProvider.provide method as follows:

      override fun provide(account: AccountInfo, callback: Completion<AccountInfo>) {
          (account as? BotAccount)?.initializationEntities = hashMapOf(Pair("USERID", "12345"))

Missing entities for personalized responses

These entities are use to dynamically retrieve details from the user, for personalizing the response to the user query. Articles that are configured with entities, contains entities tags within the response which are recognized by the SDK as the missing information needed to properly display the article as intended.

Refer to How to use Data Entities for more information.

  • Missing entites:
    Details that the user is asked to provide before the requested data can be supplied.
    The provider which assigned to the article identifies which extra details are needed in order to get a response to a user query. According to the entities that were set to the account, the App is asked to provide thoes details by calling the EntitiesProvider.provide.
    Missing entities can be, names, account numbers, etc.
  • Personal information:
    Extra user personal info, that may be requested from the App by the SDK regarding a specific entity, in order to provide a response. Needed once the BE provides a response which contains, info needed place holders. The App provided personal info is than used to replace those place holders.
    Personal information can be, account balance, passport number, etc.

provide missing entites / personal info

How To use

  1. Create the missing entities array

     val missingEntities = arrayOf("EntityKey1", "EntityKey2"... )
  2. Set the entities on the account

     val account = BotAccount(...).apply {
                               entities = missingEntities
  3. Implement the EntitiesProvider interface. At the EntitiesProvider there are two provide methods for personal information and for missing entities.

  4. Pass the implementation of the EntitiesProvider to the ChatController at the ChatController creation

     ChatController.Builder(getContext()).entitiesProvider(the EntitiesProvider implemintation)

view Sample: missing entities and personal information usage