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User tracking Work in progress

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In order to track user activity during chat session, a userId should be provided on the account object.
On the first account chat session, the userId should remain null. The SDK generates by a BE API, a unique token, that should be saved by the embedding app, and should be provided from this point forward for all chats of this account.
This token enables the tracking of user activity.

How to get the generated userId

Once the chat is created, an account update event is triggered on the AccountInfoProvider, the userId can be taken from the provided updated account.

class SimpleAccountProvider : AccountInfoProvider {

    var accounts: MutableMap<String, AccountInfo> = mutableMapOf()

    override fun update(account: AccountInfo) {
        accounts[account.getApiKey()]?.userId = account.userId
        // saved userId should be used on future chats creation for this account

Create a chat with the generated userId

The userId should be provided on the BotAccount.

val account = BotAccount(API_KEY, ACCOUNT_NAME,
                KNOWLEDGE_BASE, SERVER, CONTEXT_MAP).apply {
                        userId = SAVED_GENERATED_ID
ChatController.Builder(context), ...)