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Dark mode Support

Currently, dark mode is not formally being supported by the SDK.

How to apply Dark mode to your Chat

In order to apply dark theme to your chat, you can define overriding and dark mode resources additions, that will replace the resources used by the SDK.

  • Adding night mode resources

    Night mode resources should be located in a night mode dedicated folder. The night mode folder is named as the original resource folder with “-night-“ addition to it. (e.g., drawable-night-hdpi).

    When setting the device to Night mode, those resources will be used automatically.

  • Overriding resources

    SDK resources can be overridden by the hosting app, by defining the same resource id (name) with different value on the Apps resources.

More info can be found on the official android developers guide on Dark theme.

Chat forms partial resources list -
colors * form_field_hint * form_field_text * form_field_main_text * form_field_sub_text * form_field_available * form_field_unavailable * form_field_background * form_rating_field_background * form_selection_dropdown_background * form_selection_dropdown_title_background
styles * FormHintTextAppearance - override in order to change the form field hint appearance * MatchSpinnerStyle * MatchSpinnerTheme
drawables * form_bg
dimens * form_main_text_style * form_sub_text_style * form_option_item_padding * form_field_padding * form_fields_gap