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Chat Continuity Work in progress

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The ability to relate chats to user previous chats or “continue” chat sessions.
Each chat, bot, live, Messaging, has its meaning for continuity. Messaging chat can actually be continued while live chat can be related to previous user chats history.

Chat Session

The chat session is being created by the ChatController. On ChatController creation or when chatController.startChat() or chatController.restoreChat() were activated with an account object.

Each chat type, has account session properties that should be configured to enable continuity. Those properties can be configured on the account info: SessionInfo property.
Explore specific chat contiuity

Listening to session data updates

While the chat is in progress, session data, like ids, may be created or changed.
In order to be updated with such changes for later use, implement AccountInfoProvider or AccountSessionListener and pass implementation on ChatController creation.

val chatController = ChatController.Builder(context).apply{
                    .build(account, ...)