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User Input Field Under construction

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The user input field is used to enable users to type, select and record messages.
When a chat starts, the ChatHandler is responsible to display the input field while it configure which features will be available for the current chat.

Available features

e.g.: - Upload icon will appear only on live chats and only if was enabled by configuration. - The autocomplete suggestions are available only for bot chats.

What can be configured

Some of the available features, can be configured by the hosting App. Using ConversationSettings object, that can be provided on ChatController creation, you can configure the following:

send button

Send UI override

In order to override the send view set ChatUIProvider.chatInputUIProvider.sendCmpUIProvider.overrideFactory with your view factory.

Custom implementation must implement InputControlersHandler

Hint configuration

  • Hint configuration for AI chats is done on the bold360ai console.

    Escalated chats will not effect the AI configured hint.

  • Hint configuration for Live chats is done on the bold admin console.

  • Override hint text string resource R.string.type_message_here.
    This resource will be used, if none of the above was provided, to the current active chat.

UI customization

The user input field can be customized by:

  • Configuration

    The SDK provides a configurable user input field implementation. The default configuration can be changed via ChatUIProvider.chatInputUIProvider.uiConfig and ChatUIProvider.chatInputUIProvider.SendCmpUIProvider.uiConfig (from 4.1.0)

    val customProvider = ChatUIProvider(context).apply{
          uploadImage = ...
          belowPopupBackground = ... // autocomplete suggestions open downward image
          abovePopupBackground = ... // autocomplete suggestions open upward image
          noPopupBackground = ... // input field background when there are no autocomplete suggestions 
          suggestionUIConfig = ... // defines config for the autocomplete suggestions rows 
          inputStyleConfig = ... // the style of the input field text
              speakerImage = ... // speaker icon, presented while response is being read to the user
              micImage = ... // recording voice icon
            sendImage = ... // message send icon
    val chatController = ChatController.Builder(context)
  • Override

    In case a custom view is needed, instead of provided SDKs implementation, set ChatUIProvider.chatInputUIProvider.overrideFactory with your view factory.

    Custom implementation must implement ChatInputViewProvider