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User Input Field

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Usually appears at the bottom of the chat screen. Contains the users typed/recorded message, until it was sent.
The behavior and functionality of the input field is defined by the active chat type.

e.g., The upload icon will appear only on live chats and only if was enabled by configuration.

Available features

UI customization


The SDK provides a configurable user input field implementation. The default configuration can be changed via ChatController.viewConfiguration.searchViewConfig

  let searchViewConfig = chatController.viewConfiguration.searchViewConfig
  searchViewConfig.backgroundColor = UIColor.yellow
  searchViewConfig.textColor =
  searchViewConfig.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: 15))
  searchViewConfig.sendIcon = UIImage(systemName: "restore")
  /* File upload */
  searchViewConfig.uploadIcon = UIImage(systemName: "shuffle")
  /* Voice support */
  searchViewConfig.voiceEnabled = true
  searchViewConfig.speechOnIcon = UIImage(systemName: "wind")
  searchViewConfig.speechOffIcon = UIImage(systemName: "moon")
  searchViewConfig.readoutIcon = UIImage(systemName: "cloud")
  /* Specifies the BCP-47 language tag representing the language for voice recognition.
    Examples: en-US (U.S. English), fr-CA (French Canadian) */
  searchViewConfig.languageCode = "en-US"
  /* Border configuration */
  self.chatConfig.searchViewConfig.border.color =
  self.chatConfig.searchViewConfig.border.width = 3.0
  self.chatConfig.searchViewConfig.border.cornerRadius = 10.0
  let autoCompleteConfiguration = AutoCompleteConfiguration()
  autoCompleteConfiguration.isEnabled = true
  autoCompleteConfiguration.backgroundColor =
  autoCompleteConfiguration.textColor =
  autoCompleteConfiguration.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: 15))
  searchViewConfig.autoCompleteConfiguration = autoCompleteConfiguration

Hint configuration

  • Hint configuration for AI chats is done on the bold360ai console.

    Escalated chats will not effect the AI configured hint.

  • Hint configuration for Live chats is done on the bold admin console.

  • Hint configurations should be set by ChatController. ChatConfiguration. SearchViewConfiguration. PlaceholderConfiguration

    This resource will be used, if none of the above was provided, to the current active chat.

Setting The PlaceholderConfiguration s

  let placeholderConfiguration = PlaceholderConfiguration()
  placeholderConfiguration.readoutext = "Reading out"
  placeholderConfiguration.recordText = "Recording now.."
  placeholderConfiguration.text = "Write Here.."
  placeholderConfiguration.backgroundColor = UIColor.systemYellow
  placeholderConfiguration.textColor = UIColor.purple
  placeholderConfiguration.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: 15))
  searchViewConfig.placeholderConfiguration = placeholderConfiguration

Before & After

Before After
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1 1
1 1
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