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System Messages

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System originated messages, used for indicating chat state,notify of errors, providing the user with instructions, etc.
There are fixed messages and removable messages.

Fixed messages

Appears in the chat and will stay there, Those messages are also passed on the ChatElementDelegate for history preservation.

Removable messages

Messages that are displyed in the chat for a period of time, until a fulfillment of some condition is met, usually during specific chat state), than automatically are removed. Those messages are not passed to the ChatElementDelegate and will not appear when chat gets restored from history.

e.g., The Wait message that appears to the user while he waits for his live chat to accepted by an agent.

Injecting System messages

The hosting app can inject system messages after the chat was created, using Message Injection



The SDK provides a configurable system message implementation. The default configuration can be changed via ChatController.viewConfiguration.systemMessageConfig

  let systemMessageConfig = chatController.viewConfiguration.systemMessageConfig!
  systemMessageConfig.backgroundColor = UIColor.yellow
  systemMessageConfig.textColor =
  systemMessageConfig.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: 30))
  systemMessageConfig.borderRadius = BorderRadius(top: Corners(left: 0, right: 0 ), bottom: Corners(left: 0, right: 0 ))

Before & After

Before After
1 1

Known Issues

  1. The ability to change the background image for the systemMessage exists but does nothing:
chatController.viewConfiguration.systemMessageConfig.backgroundImage = UIImage(systemName: "search")