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Add a custom font to your app and use it for chat UI under bold360 SDK.

Set Custom Font

To set custom font first make sure to add the relevant file to project, then:

// For example our custom font is: `{CUSTOM_FONT_NAME}.ttf`
let font = CustomFont()
font.fontFileName = "{CUSTOM_FONT_NAME}.ttf"
font.font = UIFont(name: "{CUSTOM_FONT_NAME}", size: 15)
let font1 = CustomFont()
font1.fontFileName = "{CUSTOM_FONT_NAME}.otf"
font1.font = UIFont(name: "{CUSTOM_FONT_NAME}", size: 20)
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.outgoingConfig.customFont = font
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig.customFont = font1
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingLiveConfig.customFont = font

Note: Currently there is a known limitation for setting the customFont for the chatController.viewConfiguration.multipleSelectionConfiguration .persistentOptionConfiguration and .titleConfiguration A possible workaround is to use chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig .persistentOptionConfig and .titleConfig

Note: apple documentation for adding a custom font to a project: