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Chat Bar

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A UI component, which appears over the chat screen, while a live chat is in progress. The Chatbar displays the following:

  1. Active agent details - name and avatar.
  2. End Chat clickable view to end current live chat.

How it works

The UI component data is being updated on chat acceptance and on every operator change indication.

UI customization

  • The UI component can be configured by the ChatBarConfiguration object.

      let chatBarConfig = chatController.viewConfiguration.chatBarConfiguration!
      chatBarConfig.endChatButtonEnabled = true /* Remove "End Chat Button" view display */
      chatBarConfig.enabled = true /* Remove "ChatBar" view display */
      chatBarConfig.endChatBtnTextColor = UIColor.purple
      chatBarConfig.userTranscriptBtnImage = UIImage(systemName: "sunrise")
      chatBarConfig.backgroundColor = UIColor.yellow
      chatBarConfig.textColor = /* Changes the agentName text color */
      chatBarConfig.font = UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: 15) /* Changes the font for the agentName and EndChatButton */

Before & After

Before After
1 1

Known Issues

  1. Currently the ability to change the agentName, agentAvatarImage and endChatBtnTitle are visible but are shown for only a few moments until the agent accepts the chat.
  2. The UI configuration for the different chat elements inside the ChatBar will be seperated.