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UI Customization

This article will help you customize initial chat view UI, and show you how to change UI on runtime according to live data.

In order to change and override provided SDK implementations and customizations, one need to provide his own changed ChatConfiguration instance on ChatController.viewConfiguration.

Supported Configurations

Configuration Class Name Configuration Options
ChatViewConfiguration backgroundColor, dateStamp, timeStamp, hyperlinkColor, avatarSize
IncomingBotConfiguration backgroundColor, backgroundImage, textColor, customFont,avatar, avatarPosition, borderRadius
MultipleSelectionConfiguration titleConfiguration, persistentOptionConfiguration
IncomingLiveConfiguration backgroundColor, backgroundImage, textColor, customFont,avatar, avatarPosition, borderRadius
OutgoingConfiguration backgroundColor, backgroundImage, textColor, customFont,avatar, avatarPosition, borderRadius, sentSuccessfullyIcon, sentFailureIcon, pendingIcon
CarouselConfiguration backgroundColor, backgroundImage, customFont, avatar, textColor
SystemMessageConfiguration backgroundColor, backgroundImage, textColor, customFont, borderRadius
ChatBarConfiguration backgroundColor, font, textColor, image, agentName, endChatBtnTitle, endChatBtnTextColor, enabled, userTranscriptBtnImage
BoldFormConfiguration titleConfig
BoldFormElementConfiguration backgroundColor, font, textColor

How To Set Configuration

In following sample we will customize chat view.

self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.hyperlinkColor =
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.dateStamp.textColor =
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.dateStamp.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 20))
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.timeStamp.textColor = UIColor.yellow
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.timeStamp.customFont = CustomFont(font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 30))
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.chatViewConfig.avatarSize = CGSize(width: 50, height: 50)

Avatar Image

Should use images in the size to be displayed for the client.

To update the image:


Same image will be shown for different appearances (Dark/ Light).

self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig.avatar = UIImage(named: "robot")


Support Different Appearances

self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig.avatrImageName = "robot"

Note: To support different appearances make sure image exist in Application Bundle.

Avatar Positioning

ChatElementConfiguration has a property avatarPosition of type AvatarPosition the default value for outgoing element is AvatarPositionBottomLeft and for incoming element is AvatarPositionBottomRight for changing the position:

Note: The shape of the bubble corners adjacent to the avatarPosition, will be square shaped.

self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig.avatarPosition = .topLeft

Avatar Position Options

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, AvatarPosition) {

Corner Radius

ChatElementConfiguration has a property borderRadius which is used for setting separately the border corner radius for the message bubble edges for incoming, multipleSelection, outgoing and system messages.

self.chatController.viewConfiguration.incomingBotConfig.quickOptionConfig.borderRadius = BorderRadius(top: Corners(left: 40, right: 40 ), bottom: Corners(left: 40, right: 40 ))
self.chatController.viewConfiguration.multipleSelectionConfiguration.borderRadius = BorderRadius(top: Corners(left: 40, right: 40 ), bottom: Corners(left: 40, right: 40 ))

Known Issues

  1. Background image is not supported on system message.
  2. Carousel is not configurable.
  3. Background image is not supported on chat view.
  4. Background image is not supported on read more channels.
  5. Background image is not supported on quick options.
  6. “Read More+” button is not configurable.

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