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Events and Notifications

Table of contents

Listening to chat elements changes

In order to be able to be notified of all elements changes in the chat, implement ChatElementDelegate, and register as follows:

controller.chatElementDelegate = self

Possible updates

didReceive(req) - on element inserted to the chat.

remove(opt) - element was removed from the chat.

didUpdateChatElement(opt) - element data was updated.

didUpdateFeedback(opt) - element feedback was updated.

fetch(opt) - implement this in order to enable display of previous chat content. (Historic content)

 func didReceive(_ item: StorableChatElement!) {
    //use item     

Listening to channeling button execute

In order to be able to be notified of channeling button execute in the chat, implement ApplicationHandler, as follows:

1 . Return true under shouldHandleClickedLink

    func presenting(_ controller: UIViewController, shouldHandleClickedLink link: String) -> Bool {
        // You can add some logic as 
        if (link.contains("someKey://")) {
            return true

        return false

2 . Implement didClickLink

    func didClickLink(_ url: String) {
       if let link = URL(string: url) {

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