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Handover Chat

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Handover is a chat session with a custom provider that is configured and controlled by the customer. The Handover is being controlled at the app by a provided custom ChatHandler.

Chat handlers are being used at the SDK in order to separate the chat sessions between different providers such as Bot and Live (bold360ai agent). They handle the user actions and the chat events passed from the chat UI.

You can checkout an implementation example here.

Implement ChatHandler protocol

class HandOverHandler: NSObject, ChatHandler {
    var delegate: ChatHandlerDelegate!
    var chatControllerDelegate: ChatControllerDelegate!
    var chatHandlerProvider: ChatHandlerProvider!
    // See 'File Upload' doc
    var isFileTransferEnabled: Bool {
        return false
    // See 'Autocompletion Support' doc
    var isAutocompleteEnabled: Bool {
        return false
    func startChat(_ chatHandlerParams: [String : Any]?) {
        // Present system message
        // Do the connection to the chat provider
    func endChat() {
    func postStatement(_ statement: StorableChatElement) {
        // Configure the bubble
        statement.configuration = self.chatHandlerProvider.configuration(for: .OutgoingElement)
        // Updated the double "V" sign for read notification
        self.perform(#selector(HandOverHandler.updateBubble(statement:)), with: statement, afterDelay: 3)
        // Just for testing you can cancel the handover by typing stop
        if statement.text == "Stop" {
    func didStartTyping(_ isTyping: Bool) {
    func handleClickedLink(_ link: URL!) {
    func handleEvent(_ eventParams: [AnyHashable : Any]!) {
    @objc func updateBubble(statement: StorableChatElement) {
        self.delegate.update(StatementStatus.Pending, element: statement)

Handover handler implementation

As noted above, the Handover is being controlled from a class that implements the ChatHandler protocol.

In order to add the implemented class to the SDK, add the next at the ChatController:

1. Create new class that implements ChatHandler as described above.

// `HandOverHandler` was created above.
var handOver = HandOverHandler()

2. Then in relevant place like viewDidLoad do:

chatController.handOver = self.handOver