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Autocomplete in AI chat

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Autocomplete is supported for AI chats only.
While the user is typing a query, he will be presented with a list of relevant suggested queries, according to the typed content. Selection of an autocomplete suggestion, will automaticaly send the selection as user query.

Availability configuration

  • Chat Configuration

    Feature availability can be configured by the hosting App using the AutoCompleteConfiguration provided through the ChatController. (Default value is true)

    chatController.viewConfiguration.searchViewConfig.autoCompleteConfiguration?.isEnabled = false         

Generally, client side settings will override console settings.
Except for the case were autocomplete was enabled on the App side, but disabled on the admin console, on the account settings, though the autocomplete is enabled and passes requests, no suggestions will be received by the BE nor displayed in the chat.

UI Configuration

Autocomplete configurations should be set by ChatController.ChatConfiguration.SearchViewConfiguration.AutoCompleteConfiguration

To customize follow: User Input Field UI Customization